Information and Statistics About Al-Ahsa'a
• Al-Ahsa'a Population:1,150,000people.
• The area of the oasis ( the populated area is 860 square km).
• The number of main towns is five, 32 villages and the average distances range between 2-5km.
• The number of distant small villages(hijar) 55 scattered in the governorate about one village per 10,000 square km.
• The average population of the distant villages is 500 people per village and the average distant between
   them is 250km .
• Al-Ahsa'a is about 40 km from the Arabian Gulf, 150 km south of Dammam and 320 km east of the capital city
  of Riyadh.
• According to the administrative distribution of KSA districts, Al-Ahsa'a borders extended from Abqaiq Governorate
   in the north, The Arabian Gulf, Salwa Bay, the Empty Quarter from the south and Al-Dahna'a Desert from the
   west. Al-Ahsa'a is characterized to be the only outlet access that connects KSA with other Gulf States.
•  Al-Ahsa'a is also characterized by the continental climate with excessive high and low temperatures like
    the prevailing climate in most parts of the country.