The Chamber Chairman Speech
     "I am very pleased to welcome you to Al-Ahsa'a Chamber Website.  It represents one of the efficient means of our constructive communications with the chamber members and all the economic bodies through securing the necessary information to develop their businesses in all economic fields and activities to cope with their future aspirations.  The chamber is keen in the recent years on utilizing the modern technology in developing several technological services. 
     Thus, it created a qualitative leap in its different services and activities.  The chamber strives to provide high added value services to become- Allah willing- an ideal organization that motivates to positive change to both private and public sectors to achieve a constructive partnership between them.  The chamber in the context of performing its message to be the main drive and the basic incentive to economic development to ameliorate business sector in the area. 
     It also does its best to achieve its strategic objectives based on raising satisfaction of members and enhancing business environment by adopting pioneering initiatives.  Based on care to provide the best services, we excreted strenuous efforts continually to update our site that provides the up to date information about production sectors in accordance with the best technological standards to satisfy the needs of your economic establishments and projects.  We welcome your suggestions and views to improve the quality of this service which will gain our great interests and will be dealt with a high degree of responsibility. 
You are our partners in this achievement and your opinion interests us and your satisfaction is our objective."
The Chamber Chairman