Secretary General of Al-Ahsa'a Speech
     "It is an honour and great pleasure for me to present to the participants of the chamber including traders, businessmen and industrialists, this website concerning the chamber which is the product of continuous efforts and work to show it to those concerned complete and integrated to satisfy their needs and interests.  The site is the first step towards and integrated electronic world.  It included many items such as the chamber news, economic news of the area, the tenders declared and brought to the chamber, circulars concerning commerce, industry and agriculture.  It presents also available investment opportunities inside and outside the area. 
   We are always keen to communicate with you to serve the public interest.  This site is a new gate of participation for communication with the chamber participants and exploit technology to serve the business sector in the area and develop its economy and abide by the directives of our governors( May Allah keep them well).  The correct economic information is the nucleus of the successful commercial project.  The board of chamber directors, to express their care, provided a staff of qualified employees to follow up the updating of the gate with the latest novelties in economic information, the official regulations and commercial opportunities to be at your service both in Arabic and English.  You are our partners and visit is important to us and your interaction develops us and your membership is our pride."


Secretary General                 

Dr. Ibraheem A.Al Shek Mubarak