Vision Center

To be a center, God willing, a sophisticated and pioneering center that keeps pace with the development of modern management systems through studies and research and to make a positive change in the private sector and public sector institutions through many activities and services directed.

Message Center

To provide all the services needed by junior investors and small and medium enterprises sector in Al-Ahsa and to be the first supporter of advancing the economic and social development of the region through the development of small and medium enterprises.

Objectives of the Center

1. Raising awareness among SME entrepreneurs about the development of their facilities 2. Enhancing the Chamber's role in supporting and developing small and medium enterprises.
3- Coordinating with the relevant authorities to support small and medium enterprises.
4. Preparing and providing modern studies, information and data that contribute to the development of small and medium enterprises.
5- Facilitating financing for small and medium enterprises through coordination with financial institutions.
6. Enhancing the competitiveness and exportability of SMEs.

Tasks of the Center

1. Work on identifying the obstacles and problems faced by small and medium enterprises with the proposals that contribute
    In overcoming those obstacles.
2. Providing and organizing training and rehabilitation programs and special workshops for the owners of the establishments to raise their administrative, regulatory and legal competence
    To ensure the success of those facilities.
3. Organizing seminars, meetings and lectures dealing with issues and problems of concern to small and medium enterprises such as
   (Clarification of the conditions for the establishment and success of small enterprises - how to evaluate commercial and financial performance - ways to reduce costs).
4. Developing investment programs and ideas aimed at encouraging young people to invest in small projects and to guide young investors
    To the best investment opportunities and provide them with investment opportunities available to them through the Guide to investment opportunities.
5. Strive to create an appropriate environment for providing financing for small and medium enterprises in size and conditions appropriate to their aspirations and capabilities
    Through the signing of memoranda of cooperation and understanding with the supporting institutions, whether governmental or private sector as a catalyst for development
    And financial support.
6. Providing investors with data for consultancy offices (financial, economic, administrative and marketing) as well as databases for offices
    Engineering consultants, public service offices, real estate offices and customs clearance offices to be provided to investors and owners
    When they need it (as a guide).

Organizing seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops in cooperation with relevant bodies, meetings and meetings with officials in the field of support and development of small enterprises, organizing financial and rehabilitation programs and programs on small enterprises, introducing supporting institutions and programs to encourage youth and motivate them to benefit from programs and invest in small projects.

Future Plans of the Center

1. Establish an advisory unit (economic advisor) to find solutions to the problems facing enterprises
    Small, medium and medium implement these solutions.
2. Work on providing government procedures through the Chamber's website to facilitate the owners of enterprises to know the government procedures
    And get models.
3. Work on the implementation of a number of training courses in a number of areas that serve the owners of enterprises and symbolic values ??such as
   (Project Management - Total Quality - Feasibility Studies -)
4. Preparing various studies for young business people and owners of small enterprises to benefit from them.
5. Signing new memorandums of cooperation with a number of financing bodies and supporting entities to finance the facilities.

Clients Center

- All emerging, small and medium enterprises.
- Emerging investors looking for new job opportunities.
- The owners of ideas and innovations seeking technical support and funding.
- Business youth (both sexes) wishing to consolidate the bonds of integration and exchange of experiences in the field of finance and business.