About the services provided by the Chamber to subscribers

The Chamber provides the services of subscriptions, approvals and commercial services to its subscribers and the business sector with operational efficiency through the use of the latest technical methods and programs. The Chamber seeks to provide and develop high quality services by providing efficient, effective and easy services, and by optimizing the available resources and renewable technologies to achieve the aspirations of its subscribers.
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Objectives of the Customer Services Department
 • Enhancing the relations that serve to facilitate and terminate the procedures of the joint facilitator.
 • Enhancing relations with the private sector to make use of the Chamber's services.
 • Strengthening the principle of partnership with the departments of the Chambers of Commerce and the Council of Chambers.
 • Achieve the highest quality rates for outputs and releases.
 • Focus on providing electronic services.
 • Raise the efficiency of the human resources of the administration to ensure the provision of high quality service.