The Chamber has established a special services office that is designed specifically for top class employees to meet their expectations for services that are commensurate with the nature of their activities and economic centers. And the need to estimate the element of time and accuracy of performance and comprehensiveness of services at the same time.
Premium Features (Special Services)

• Free advertisement on the home page of the room's website including the company logo and communication channels
• Geographically connect the address of the facility to the GPS system in the electronic subscriber directory.
• Customize a page containing company data, activity, and a page for company ads in the Premier Guide
   And the first issued annually.
• A specialized office called Special Services through which all services are provided.
• Place a banner in the lobby for only 15 days per year.
• The allocation of free advertising space on the site of the room through which the announced discounts or competitions offered
   Of the company / institution authorized by the Chamber
• Priority in inviting invitations to events and events hosted or organized by the Chamber.
• Put the name of the company / company in the list of companies and institutions to meet the delegations visiting the room.
• The privilege of certifying documents during the evening and public holidays through a special telephone number
   It is supplied to the company / institution.
• Five luxury copies of the comprehensive Al Ahsa directory issued by the Chamber.
• A discount of 25% on all courses held by the Chamber for the employees of the company / institution.
• The possibility of using the room hall in the field of identifying the products of the company / institution as possible and only once a year.
• Seating of the main hall on room occasions.