Registration fees are SR 25

Requirements for certification
 • The applicant for certification should be in common with the Chamber and for the current year.
 • Match activity to what is registered in the room.
 • Signature matching.
 • Matching the seal and publications to the trade name or license and commercial registration number or license.
 • The signature and stamp should be original and not printed.
 • The name of the site should be accompanied by his signature.
 • Do not oppose the content of the document with regulations and instructions.

Documents that are not certified

1. Authorizing the foreigner to review the government departments.

2. Receipt of cash or checks on behalf of the Delegate.

3. Letters of visits signed by a foreigner unless his name is registered in the register or he is a partner in the establishment.

4. Letters of authorization for passports if the signatory or commissioner is a foreigner
    (Excluding if he is an investor or registered with his name in the register). [The Commissioner shall be a Saudi]

5. Contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate. Shall be through the offices of justice, except for contracts for the assignment of industrial lands
    Or land lease.

6. Authorizing the signatory of a person who has an interest of speech.

7. Recruitment of workers only through authorized recruitment offices [after confirmation of the existence of a visa holder's participation]
    Participation shall be in accordance with the professions mentioned in the visas if the employment visas of institutions or companies.

8. Certificates and government documents and their content and translation.

9. Contracts for the establishment of new companies.

10. The contents of the letter differ from what is recorded in the room [different activity]

11. If the signature and stamp is copied or photocopied if a dowry must be photocopied in the room and undertakes the owner of the institution to be under his own responsibility.

12. Papers free of content except for the authorization of driving cars for companies or institutions licensed to rent cars.

13. Contracts suspected of being fictitious [money laundering] shall be asked by the Director of the Legal Department or the Director of the Department of Affiliation or the Head of the Certification Department.

14. Definition issued by an institution approved by another institution.

15. Professional letters of personnel [except for servants, sponsors and special drivers certified by an enterprise or company.

16. Translation of government documents [excluding documents issued by the Ministry of Commerce].

17. Lending contracts and leasing of labor.

18. Definition and sponsorship for a foreigner other than his sponsor.