Services of electronic certification

First: the electronic delegation service and follow the following steps:


* Signing on to Enjaz (visa authorization) website is the following:
- Visa number (issued by the Ministry of Labor).
- Choose the destination.
- Enter the registration number (employer file number).
* Then click on Authorization to enter the Visa Fees screen to view and stamp the visa details.

This screen shows:
- Name of the Commissioner: The name of the Commissioner shall be written whether the Commissioner is a local or foreign recruitment office or a specific person.
- Number of persons: Determining the number of persons for a specific occupation.
Notes: Notes are written if they exist.
- Profession: The profession to be delegated.
- The image code shown above the image code field is typed in the correct format and then click Save to record the data and then go to the payment screen.
- Credit card data (Visa - Master) are entered to pay for the electronic service for authorization and then continue.
- A screen showing the status of the payment will appear and after the successful payment process, the Chamber of Commerce will review the authorization of the authorization.
- After completion of the payment process and confirmation of the rooms, the authorization record will appear in the special section (Delegations in the Representative).
Second: The service of the electronic visit:

The electronic method of requesting visits from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their representatives makes it much easier. The following are the steps to follow, whether for business or family visits:
1- The steps of calling for business visits from representations
* The beneficiary can request a commercial visit from the representative office directly following the following steps:
* The Beneficiary shall enter the Ministry's website (

* Click on visa services or go directly to the visa website.

* Then choose the "Request a Business Visit from Kingdom Representations Abroad (Invitation Letters)" form for the electronic data mobilization form, which will go to the Injaz website.
* The agreement form appears and then press (I agree).
* The name of the representative will be selected and all the fields will be filled and press (dial the request). The electronic payment screen will appear automatically with an application number starting with letter (E).
* Upon completion of the payment process, the Chambers of Commerce in the Kingdom shall be reviewed for the approval of the electronic application.
] Steps 2.1 can be shortened by entering directly on the following Enjaz website:

( and then click on "Apply for a visa

(Businessmen) and letters of invitation for business visits from Saudi Representations abroad [

* The auditor (or beneficiary) will then review the overseas representation to obtain the visa.
1- Visits from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
The beneficiary can apply for visit visas directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by following the following procedure:
* The beneficiary will enter the portal of the Ministry's position through the following link: (
* Click on visa services, or go directly to the visa site.
* The beneficiary will enter the "request for a commercial visit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" to obtain a commercial visit visa.
* The beneficiary will enter a "family visit application" for a family visit visa.
* The beneficiary will enter a "work visit application" for a work visit visa.
* The electronic form will be filled in and the application will be registered and a review number (application number) will appear.
* The Chambers of Commerce in the Kingdom shall be reviewed to approve the application.
* For the family visit, the procedure requires visiting the ministry or one of its branches.
* In the case of approval of the Ministry of the request on the request is granted the beneficiary number of visa (visa document) where the beneficiary to search for the request to know what was done through the ministry's website
* The beneficiary will review the visa application number issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the visa.
* When reviewing the representation, you must provide the visa number (document) in addition to an electronic request for the data of the person required to visit