Competition Licensing Procedures:
1. Fill out the following forms:
      • Request a contest.
      • Contest program.
      • Statement of awards presented.
      • Introductory list of prizes.
2. A copy of the Commercial Registration is valid.
3 - Copy of the room subscription valid.
4. Attach proof of ownership of the prizes (eg, purchase invoices).
5- Contest coupon form (Coupon).
6 - A letter from the establishment to request the contest includes the commitment and commitment to the competition system.

  • 250 riyals (contest statement)
  • 200 riyals (extra draw) draw fees during normal days
  • 400 riyals (additional draw) draw fees during the weekly holiday days
  • 75 riyals (25 riyals per model)

 Contests Models

Request a contest
Contest Program
Statement of awards presented 1
A statement of the dates of the withdrawal of the commercial competition 1

Procedures for issuance of the permit for seasonal reductions:
  • Fill out a request for discounts.
  • Fill in the list of goods for which discounts apply.
  • If there are homogeneous branches of activity, fill out a form for each branch and a signature from the owner of the authority.
1. A copy of the Commercial Registration is valid.
2- Copy of valid room subscription.
3- Present the copy of the sales invoices sold by the trader at different periods before the discounts if the percentage exceeds 30%.
4- A copy of the municipality licenses for branches of homogeneous activity.

  • SR 500 (companies)
  • 200 riyals (institutions)
  • 25 SR for the application form
B - Procedures for issuance of final liquidation clearance permits:
The same conditions shall apply to the seasonal reduction declaration, but shall be accompanied by an undertaking to leave or change the trade, to make a comprehensive renovation of the shop or to transfer it from one place to another.
Note: A final liquidation may be carried out once a year, provided that the period does not exceed (6) months.
C - Procedures for issuance of a discount promotional offers:

The same conditions apply in the seasonal discounts statement, but a wave letter to the room containing the explanation of the promotion shall be added.

 Models of cuts

 Request for reductions
 List of goods to which reductions apply

Certificate of origin for re-export
A copy of the original certificate of origin bearing the number, date and signature of the issuing authority (country of origin).
2 - The origin of the sales invoice certified by the Chamber and a copy thereof.