Real Estate Systems Forum
This forum comes as an initiative of the Real Estate Committee and the Lawyers' Committee in the Chamber to organize this forum in its first edition, entitled "Real Estate Regulations and its Role in Realizing Real Estate Reality". The forum aims at introducing the latest developments in the real estate organizations and developments in the legal and judicial system related to the real estate sector. , And protecting the rights of its customers, which enhances the scientific and professional concepts of real estate activity. The most prominent targets of this forum are investors in real estate sectors, lawyers and dealers in this sector.
Youth and Young Businessmen Forum
Based on the importance of young people in the society and the role they play in assuming future roles in different areas of life, we look forward to the work of a forum adopted by the Chamber represented by the Youth and Young Businessmen Committee on supporting young people and overcoming the obstacles facing them in the field of finance and business in the presence of VIP businessmen And the officials of the State. The forum aims to discuss the ways of developing and qualifying entrepreneurs for the free work of youth and to introduce commercial opportunities before them and to identify the relevant official bodies and their role in supporting the march of young businessmen. , And the consolidation of the business relationship with some young people and the exchange of experiences and expertise among themselves, and work data for young men and women business base in the region, and to facilitate financing procedures for the process of funds in the Kingdom and strengthen their role in the region.
Gold Jewelry and Precious Watches Festival
A specialized exhibition of gold and jewelry to activate the trade and economic movement in the activities of gold, jewelry and precious metals and enhance the prestige of Al-Ahsa in terms of economic target gold traders, jewelry and shoppers from individuals.
Market deserted
Souq Hajar is one of the most important cyclical markets held annually in Al-Ahsa. It is called the name of abandonment, since it is the historical name of the name Ahsa. In ancient geography, the name Hajjar was associated with Al-Ahsa, to the extent that the term Hajar means Al-Ahsa, one of the most important and famous ancient historical cities that flourished in the south-eastern part of the Eastern Province. Historians have pointed to the depth and wealth of the cultural heritage of its people throughout the ages. The heritage of Al-Ahsa province, whether cultural or natural, is undoubtedly a natural extension of the heritage of historical desertion. And called the market called the name of the abandonment of the historical name of Ahsa. The market aims at reviving the history of the ancient region and strengthening the identity and national belonging and highlighting the cultural accumulation of the human being of this region, so that the market is a fundamental pillar in the development of cultural tourism in the region.
Al Ahsa Shopping & Entertainment Festival
Al Ahsa is witnessing a remarkable development in tourism and investment activity. The region has received great support and patronage from His Highness the Governor of Al-Ahsa and the efforts and support of Al-Ahsa Chamber through its keenness to participate in major events which aim to serve the region.
The Tourism Development Board, in cooperation with the Al-Ahsa Chamber, organized the Al-Ahsa Festival for shopping and entertainment through the implementation of marketing and promotional programs for the festival in addition to recreational activities carried out through the participation of commercial centers.
This festival has become one of the most important events and festivals held in Al-Hassa, where the festival provides the best way to consolidate tourism work and the value of commercial investment in tourism activities and recreational activities to participate in it.
The first urban exhibition in Ahsa
The exhibition aims to attract investors in the construction and decoration of Al-Ahsa and highlight the importance of Al-Ahsa from the urban side and targeted building and construction establishments and individuals. It is expected that there will be sales volume and good deals on various aspects of construction, construction and decoration.
Al - Ahsa Investment Forum
We believe in the importance of complementarity between all sectors and the desire to make Al-Ahsa an economic hub in the Kingdom. The Investment Forum organized a series of successful meetings involving senior government officials and business leaders in the private sector, providing them with the ideal platform to build a new, To create opportunities of interest in economic development and seek to achieve them by all means available, making Al-Ahsa an economic oasis of investment.
The forum aims at uncovering the fundamentals of growth in Al-Ahsa through the working papers that will be presented by the participants in the Forum on the development of the Kingdom in the government or private. It also aims at informing businessmen about the investment opportunities available in Al-Ahsa and encouraging them to invest in them and achieve their economic exploitation in various economic sectors.
Under the leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Badr bin Jalawi, Governor of Al Ahsa, and led by a group of distinguished officials in the public and private sectors who are working diligently to advance the development and achievements in the region is undergoing a major economic transformation in the near future. Recognizing the importance of such an event on the economic scene, the Supreme Committee of the Forum is keen to address various issues related to recent economic developments in general and the investment environment in Al-Ahsa.
annual party
A reception for business men and women in the Chamber is held annually under the patronage of His Highness the Governor of Al Ahsa. A group of government officials, business men and women and executives in the private sector, aims to enhance communication between the business sector and the public sector to exchange views and put ideas that serve the business sector.