Article (1): Formation of Committees
a . The formation of quality committees by a decision of the Board of Directors of businessmen and others interested in the activity of each sector so that they represent
      Each sector committee of different economic sectors.
B . Each committee shall consist of at least seven members and the member must be a Saudi national and represent an affiliate of the Chamber
      However, exceptions may be made if necessary.
C. New members may be added to the Committee after its formation on the basis of the nomination of the Committee and the adoption of the Governing Council.
Dr . The Board of Directors shall appoint a Chairperson for each Committee. In the event of his appointment, the Committee shall be elected at its first meeting and shall be elected
     A Vice-Chairman at the same meeting. In the case of the vacancy of either office, the vacant office shall be elected.

Article II: (Objectives of Committees)
The committees generally aim to serve, develop and follow up the economic sectors they represent by monitoring the negative aspects facing the private sector, preparing studies and proposing suitable solutions to address them.

The committees also aim to strengthen communication between the Chamber and the various economic sectors on the one hand and among them on the other.

Article 3: (Terms of Reference of Committees)
Each committee is responsible for the following activities:

a . Inventory and study the problems and issues facing the activity and propose suitable solutions.
B . Monitor and study negative phenomena and work to address them.
C. Preparation of studies and research development and development and study new ideas and projects related to the activity in order to develop and develop.
Dr . Follow up the systems and decisions related to the activity and propose amendments in the light of practical application as well as study projects
       Systems and decisions referred to it for an opinion.
E. Advise on subjects presented to them by the Board of Directors or by the Secretary General.
And . Advocacy and participation in the establishment of seminars, meetings and various exhibitions and participation in social and national events
       In which the Chamber participates or is organized.
G. Strengthening the links and communication between the Chamber and its members by introducing the services provided by the Chamber.

Article 4: (Terms of Reference of Committees)
a . The Committee shall meet on a regular basis or at the request of its Chairman or Vice-President in case of his or her absence, one third of the members or the Board of Directors
      Or the Secretary-General, provided that the number of meetings of the Committee shall not be less than four during the year.
B . Attendance at meetings is a personal right of a member of the Committee.
C. The chairman of the chamber and his deputies may attend the meetings of the committees. In this case, the present shall have the chair of the session
      Each member of the Council and Secretary General of the Chamber shall be entitled to attend the meetings of the Committees and to participate in the discussion;
      To invite the meeting of those who wish to the officials of government agencies if found in the invitation to benefit the subject.
Dr . All meetings of the committees shall be held at the headquarters of the Chamber, unless the need arises to hold the meeting elsewhere.

 Article 5: (General Provisions)
a . The committees shall discuss the topics contained in Article (3) as well as the matters referred to them by the Board of Directors of the Chamber or by the Secretary General
      Or national committees of the Council of Chambers and in general all matters related to the activity of the private sector and its recommendations are advisory.
B . For the quality committees to communicate through the chamber with the official authorities and others to find out their views and related information
      Topics related to her work.
C. The recommendations of the Committee shall be made by a majority vote. If the votes are equal, the Chairman shall refer to the recommendations of the Committee
      The General Secretariat of the Chamber to take the necessary action.
Dr . The Committee shall not be entitled to be bound by any matters resulting in any financial or legal obligation on the Chamber
E. The term of membership of the Committee shall be one year renewable and shall not exceed the term of the Board of Directors.
And . The Board of Directors shall consider the request for resignation submitted by the member of the Committee. In case of its acceptance, the Council may appoint a successor
      On the nomination of the Committee.
G. Each member who is absent from the meetings shall be considered three consecutive sessions or five separate sessions without an acceptable excuse.
H. Membership of committees in the Chamber does not entail any salaries or allowances.
I. A special record or file shall be prepared for each committee to record the minutes of the meetings. The minutes of each session shall include the names of the members
      Attendees and absentees, summary of discussions and texts of recommendations.
J. Each year, the committees report to the Board of Directors on their work to include a summary of their activity and attendance
      In the light of these reports, the Governing Council may approve an increase in the number of members of the Commission, replacement of those who see it or the restructuring of the Committee.

Article 6: (Functions of the Department of Economic Sectors Affairs)
The work of the Department of Economic Sectors Affairs of the Chamber is concerned with following up the work of the committees and carrying out the following tasks:

a . Preparation of committee meetings after coordination with the Secretariat, including preparation of topics, agendas and working papers
       Which belong to the committees in coordination with the heads of committees and sections related to the chamber.
B . Prepare the minutes of the meetings and follow up the implementation of the recommendations included with the concerned parties.
C. Conduct contacts and field visits to follow up on topics of interest to the committees.
Dr . Preparation of seminars and meetings recommended by the committees in cooperation with other departments and departments in the chamber.
E. Coordination with the National Committees in the Council of Chambers about the meetings of the committees in the chamber and the interconnection between them, especially with regard to
      On topics of a national nature.