Strategy of the sectoral committees

Each committee shall, at the beginning of its formation, formulate its work strategy during its session. This strategy shall include an explanation of the Committee's strategic vision and mission, and define its program of work in proportion to the overall roles and functions of the other committees.

Objectives of the sectoral committees

· Care and review of the common interests of economic establishments operating in different economic sectors.
· Study and review the relevant regulations and decisions related to the sector.
· To highlight the role of the sector in the media and to identify it and its importance.
· Coordinating with the corresponding committees in the chambers of commerce and industry and constantly standing on their views and briefings
   The action taken by the National Committee.
· Preparation of studies and research related to the sector.
· Holding meetings with officials from the state with businessmen to find out what is happening on the economic scene and discuss concerns
   And the aspirations of the private sector.
· Making a qualitative shift in the service of the business sector in Al-Ahsa through communication with members through organized electronic work.

 Formation of sectoral committees

The committee is set up by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Chamber. Its membership includes a group of businessmen and interested parties. Each committee shall set the highest priorities for activating and developing the sector which it represents to keep pace with the comprehensive development process, as well as overcoming obstacles and difficulties facing this sector.

Each committee shall follow up the economic, social and business affairs of the sector in the Al-Ahsa region, and work to take care of its interests and adopt its issues.

The committees shall be composed of members of the General Assembly. Each committee shall be chaired by a member of the General Assembly working in the field of the committee.

The Department of Sectoral Committees in Al-Ahsa Chamber has several committees:

Training Committee and Human Resources Committee for Sports Investment Committee for Private Education
Committee for Tourism and Recreation Commission for Health and Hospitals Private Construction
Women 's Business Centers Committee Al - Ahsa Identity Marketing Committee
Committee of Food Industries Committee Gold and Jewelery Endowments
Real Estate and Housing Committee for Agricultural Development Committee for Industry and Energy

Trade and investment