an introduction

In line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 in enhancing the contribution of the private sector to development, the social responsibility of Rashid Al Rashed and Sons Company in partnership with Al-Ahsa Chamber offers scholarships in kind to gifted and talented students from Al-Ahsa Oasis in British institutes for the study of English. The sons of the neighborhoods served by the Committee on excellence and scientific excellence to contribute to the building of the nation.

The award is a social educational development initiative designed to encourage outstanding students, develop their abilities and talents, and enhance their continued excellence. This will contribute to raising the scientific awareness of the outstanding students and students, and creating a promising future for the sons and daughters of Al Ahsa.

This initiative is one of the important initiatives adopted by the Al-Ahsa Chamber recently to motivate the sons of Al-Watan to lead, talent and creativity, and to honor the gifted and the scientifically gifted.

In this award, committees of supervisors from university professors and specialists in talent and creativity have determined the criteria for nomination for the Award and its organizational and executive committees.
The program includes many workshops that raise the knowledge and skills of the winners and winners of the award and the study of English language over thirty days, as well as many scientific visits to universities are prestigious in the world.

The idea
 Working to motivate the outstanding and creative sons and daughters of the homeland by increasing the skills of life in addition to continuing to excel to produce a distinguished and skilled generation of knowledge.

Overall Objective
To encourage the people of the country to excel in scientific and attention to the cognitive and academic aspects and to celebrate the outstanding and talented people of the nation to motivate them to continue excellence and excellence and rehabilitation in personal and business skills and to inform them of the civilizations and global experiences to benefit from them.

Why do we care about the talented?

1 - The idea of ??the award was found after the team saw the social responsibility of the company that most of the programs offered to the outstanding and talented is a material awards have no developmental or developmental impact on the superior was this idea to provide a developmental side may be articulated in the life of excellence and be a starting point to continue creativity.

2 - Antoun Aljnzp incentive to continue scientific excellence and knowledge so that the superior interest in the skill of his personality to combine the skills of self and scientific skills and continue to follow the award winners and to involve them in training and technical training in a detailed plan for each participant to ensure the continuity of excellence and excellence and help them to face obstacles and Sweets.

3 - The award is based on the excellence industry and qualify them to be young national leaders contribute to the near future in the rise of the homeland.


• In-kind award is a free trip to study English in Britain.
• A Certificate of Appreciation and Excellence Award is awarded to the outstanding student.
• A certificate of excellence shall be awarded to those who have obtained at least 80% of the total allocated points.
• A certificate of participation shall be granted to those who have obtained at least 50% of the total allocated points.

The stages of implementing the award