About Us
Al-Ahsa'a Chamber was established in accordance with the Ministry of Commerce decision in 1402 AH.  It is considered to be the first nucleus for the procession of development and giving for the private sector in Al-Ahsa'a Province.  The chamber was established to complete this blessed procession with its counterparts of the kingdom chambers.  The chamber aims at achieving many goals such as serving business sector and accomplishing it aspirations through caring for its interests.  It aims also to raise the opinions and suggestions to the specialists and authorities of the government so as to reach the highest standards of performance and benefit from the available opportunities and potentials.  It also participate effectively in the plans of development set by the government. The chamber acts as  a channel between the government and this sector towards a better organization and efficiency. The chamber exerts all efforts to offer the best services in the field of commerce, industry and tourism alike to create additional chances in the progress of the private sector within the framework of its strategy that serve the private sector in Al-Ahsa'a Province through its different concerned administrations.
Aims of Al-Ahsa'a Commercial and Industrial Chamber:
The chamber sets many objectives to serve the private sector and harness all human and financial potentials to achieve the following aims:
  1. Inform traders and manufacturers about the regulations, decisions and instructions issued by related bodies to abide and benefit by them
  2. Enlighten traders and manufacturers about the new chances of investment worldwide.
  3. Solve the commercial and industrial disputes through friendly arbitration and considers the complaints of Saudi and foreign businessmen and strives to solve them and reconcile and settle them in a friendly way.  It also offers  legal consultations and answers the legal enquiries in all fields.      
  4. Preparing commercial and industrial researches and studies through field studies and participates with other chambers in the kingdom and the council of chambers in providing comprehensive economic researches in all economic aspects.
  5. Ratification and documentation of certificates and letters of companies and establishments to prevent forgery.
  6. Provide training and human development through studying the training needs of the private sector and prepare training programs so as to create cadres capable of working in the private sector.  In addition to this it strives to increase the administrative training programs for private sector workers.
  7. Discuss difficulties of businessmen and present them to the government bodies on levels of all economic sectors through specialized committees and sub-committees that spring from them.  These committees comprise qualified and experienced businessmen to detect the needs and hurdles facing different sectors.
  8. Issue magazines and pamphlets ( Al-Ahsa'a Magazine) which includes in its contents commercial opportunities, tenders, home and foreign exhibitions, circulars and other valuable information concerning businessmen.
  9. Hold seminars, conferences and economic meetings that serve the private sector and give clear picture about topics concerning economic affairs and what is new in the global, regional or national economic levels.
  10. Starting and organizing exhibitions for local industries, consumer goods and charitable markets.  It provides the necessary information about the national products according to market condition and activates the sales.  In addition to this it organizes catalog shows and establishes commercial agencies for local and international products. 
Services of the Chamber: 
The chamber strives to promote its services to suit the needs of the private sector and Al-Ahsa'a community needs.  Its motto is "We are here to serve you".  The services provided by the chamber through its different divisions and administrations can be summed up as follow:
  1. It represents a link between the government bodies and the private sector.  It lessens the obstacles that face this sector progress by finding the suitable solutions.
  2. Specify the feasible investment chances in commercial, industrial  and services fields and guides the investors to them.
  3. Starting exhibitions, seminars, lectures concerning the private sector and the community as a whole.
  4. Issuing directories and pamphlets specialized in commerce, industry and business services.
  5. Serving the subscribers by issuing Al-Ahsa'a Magazine that provides news, interviews and articles related to different economic activities as well as providing direct services for subscribers through dissemination of investment opportunities, exhibition and otherwise.
  6. Collecting important data and statistics about the kingdom and Al-Ahsa'a Province and make them available to subscribers.
  7. Provide information about the investment climate and incentives offered by the Saudi government to Saudi and Non-Saudi investors.
  8. Preparing the businessmen community to adapt to the developments of the coming stage such as globalization and joining of the kingdom to World Trade Organization, through related seminars and circulars.